Interlinear Bible

Corley'sNavajo/English Interlinear Bible
by Ron Corley of Bloomfield, NM
Ron Corley writes:
"Every Navajo word in [this] Bible was given out to several Navajo believers. We gave them the Navajo Bible, triple spaced so they could write an Engish translation beneath each Navajo word....
When we received 10-20 Navajo-English translations that were in agreement we wrote th word down. Sometimes we would get two to five different definitions. If the definitions wee significantly different we would send it out again. If the diffrence was just a choice of English (quick vs. fast) we consulted our most dedicated Navajo to help us with the choice. As far as we know this is the first Navajo-English Interlinear Bible or Navajo Bible Dictionary that is printed. We trust that it will be a help to you as it is, but if you find a word that you feel has a better meaning than is given, please let us know wo we can help others read.
At times over 60 Navajo people were involved in getting word definitions. Through the years even more than that have been involved. Different ones from various parts of the Reservation. It would take a lot of space to acknowldege the many dear Navajo people that have helped in this work. But we want to say thank you to those who worked many long hard hours to get this done...."

This is the New Testament only, and includes a portion of Corley's Navajo-English Bible Dictionary and further study helps, with 804 pages.

This book can be ordered at a cost of $20.00 directly from Ron Corley at:
Pastor Ron Corley
Bible Baptist Shepherd
PO Box 747
Bloomfield, NM 87413

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